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Booking Terms & Conditions – Noosa Outrigger Beach Resort


1.      These terms and conditions and the Deposit and Cancellation Policy below shall be valid and binding on all Guests of Noosa Outrigger Beach Resort, and represents the agreement between the Guest and the Manager.

2.      In the event of a booking becoming unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, the Manager reserves the right to relocate the Guest to another apartment within the complex. If this is unacceptable to the Guest, a full refund will be made and the booking cancelled within the terms of the Deposit and Cancellation Policy.

3.      Charges must be paid by the Guest by cash, bank cheque, bank transfer or credit card before occupancy commences, unless special prior arrangements have been agreed in writing between the Guest and the Manager.

4.      Occupancy starts and finishes on the dates shown on the receipt issued by the Manager to the Guest. Check-in starts at 2pm and Check-out is at 10am, unless other arrangements are agreed with the Manager.

5.      The Guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by the Guest together with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage or loss to the apartment and its contents or the Body Corporate property caused by the Guest or the Guest’s invitees.  Neither the Body Corporate, the Manager, nor the apartment owner is liable for any damage or loss of property which a Guest or the Guest’s invitees may sustain while on the complex. 

6.       Subject to these Terms and Conditions, a Guest’s reservation is guaranteed until the commencement date of the booking and if a Guest fails to arrive on that date the reservation will no longer be guaranteed and the apartment may be reassigned.

7.      There is no refund to Guests for early departure.

8.      The Manager is a delegate of the body corporate and the agent of the apartment owner, and all Guests or invitees of the Guest shall comply with the Manager’s instructions.

9.      The by-laws, rules and regulations of the complex and any reasonable direction of the Manager must be complied with by the Guest and invitees of Guests.

10.   The Manager may inspect the apartment at any time with reasonable notice and at any time without notice if the Manager is of the opinion that there has been a breach of these conditions.

11.   The Manager and the apartment owner are not responsible for any mis-description of the apartment.

12.   If a Guest receives a warning from the Manager of a failure to comply with these terms and conditions and fails to comply with such warning, the Manager may terminate the Guest’s occupancy.

13.   If the occupancy ends or is terminated, the Guest and the Guest’s invitees must immediately vacate the apartment. The Manager is authorised to do whatever is required to enforce the eviction of any Guest or the Guest’s invitees and removal of property of a Guest or a Guest’s invitees.

14.   Any person wishing to stay with Guests must seek prior approval of the Manager.  The Manager reserves the right to refuse to allow extra guests to stay.  Extra guests will incur a nightly cost of $50.00.  If bedding and linen is required this is an additional cost.

15.   Guests and invitees of Guests shall not create or permit any noise or nuisance which is likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the other Guests. All visitors must leave the premises by 10.00 pm. All Guests must ensure noise is kept to a minimum after 9.00 pm. Should security or management be called to an apartment because of noise or nuisance, management reserves the right to evict Guests.

16.   The apartment shall at all times be kept by Guests clean and tidy, and free of litter, including at departure, and shall be not be damaged by Guests.

17.   The apartment must not be used for any unlawful purpose. 

18.   Guests must only park cars in the designated areas.

19.   No animals or pets are to be brought onto the complex.

20.   No liability is accepted for injury, debt, damage, loss, delay, inconvenience or expense incurred directly or indirectly, by events beyond the control of the Manager or which are not caused by neglect or default by the Manager or the owners.

21.   Strictly no glass inside the fenced pool area and no bath towels are permitted outside an apartment. If the pool has to be closed due to the conduct or actions of a Guest or a Guest’s invitees, the Guest is liable for all resulting costs in draining, cleaning and refilling the pool.

22.   Smoking is not permitted in apartments.  If smoke is detected in an apartment there will be a charge payable by the Guest of two additional night’s accommodation to return the apartment to its non smoking status as well as the cost of dry-cleaning bedspreads, curtains and cleaning mattresses and carpets should it be required.

23.   Noosa Outrigger Beach Resort has a complaints procedure and any complaints /concerns should be communicated direct to the Manager in the first instance so the Manager can attempt to resolve the situation.

24.   Guests authorise the debiting of their credit card in relation to charges arising from the terms and conditions as stated above, and for the payment of accommodation.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy – Noosa Outrigger Beach Resort


A Deposit of one night's accommodation is charged for all bookings at time of reservation with the balanced charged 7 days prior to arrival.       

•             If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before the date of arrival a $95 administration fee will apply.

•             If cancelled within 7 days of arrival, 100 percent of the price of the reservation will be charged.

•             In the case of no-show, 100 percent of the total price of the accommodation will be charged.

HIGH & MID SEASONS -School Holidays and Special Event Periods

A Deposit of one night’s accommodation is charged for all bookings at time of reservation with the balanced charged 30 days prior to arrival.

The dates of these seasons are determined by the Manager.

•             If cancelled or modified up to 30 days before the date of arrival, a $95 administration fee will be charged.

•             If cancelled within 30 days before date of arrival, a 100 percent of the price of the accommodation will be charged.

•             In the case of no-show, 100 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged.


If you cannot travel due to COVID-19 government restrictions after the balance due date, you can change your dates up to 12 months from your original arrival date.

Dates of the holiday seasons for Noosa Outrigger Beach Resort

24/06/22 - 11/07/22

16/9/22 -   09/10/22

27/10/22-  01/11/22

20/12/22-  29/01/23

31/03/23-  29/04/23

23/06/23-  22/07/23