Local Experiences

Noosa Wave Whale  & Dolphin Adventures

Embark on the journey of your dreams with Noosa Wave, the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the splendor of Noosa National Park, and all from the water’s perspective! Along the way, you might encounter the graceful presence of dolphins and sea turtles.
Climb aboard Noosa’s swiftest adventure vessel, meticulously designed to provide you with an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.
Noosa Wave also offers snorkeling excursions, complete with snorkeling gear, inviting you to explore the waters of Laguna Bay that caress the headland of Noosa National Park. Here, you have the opportunity to encounter stunning turtles, rays, dolphins, and a vibrant array of tropical fish in their natural playground.

For those seeking an even grander adventure, consider swimming with majestic whales or embarking on a whale-watching voyage during the migration season, which spans from June to October. This privilege is one that few have the opportunity to enjoy, and it’s an experience that will etch itself into your memory forever.

Noosa Wave’s Dolphin Adventure Ride provides an extraordinary sensation of weightlessness as you ride the waves, executing epic turns on the pristine waters off Noosa’s Main Beach. The National Park headland, with its secluded bays and rocky caves, serves as a breathtaking backdrop to this aquatic spectacle.

As the adventure unfolds, your amiable skipper, Andrew, expertly guides the vessel and gradually slows the engines to a near stop, allowing your gaze to fix on the breathtaking sight of a colossal Humpback Whale gracefully leaping from the ocean and splashing down, or perhaps a pod of playful dolphins darting by.

Noosa Wave and its team are also delighted to arrange tailored adventures through private charters, which can include beach landings or specialized tours – the possibilities are virtually limitless. Moreover, the vessel is thoughtfully equipped with onboard facilities, including a toilet for your convenience.

Noosa Wave is conveniently situated just a short distance from the iconic giant Pelican along Gympie Terrace in Noosaville. It promises an enjoyable and action-packed day out, with memories to last a lifetime.”