Local Experiences

Explore Noosa’s Waterways By Boat

To truly embrace the essence of a Queensland holiday, there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the coastal lifestyle, where the sea breeze carries a salty tang and the sun’s warmth caresses your skin.

 Noosa, in particular, thrives on its close relationship with water, making aquatic activities a way of life. Its many waterways, including sprawling rivers, pristine beaches, and tranquil estuaries, are a constant hive of activity, drawing surfers, boaters, and fishermen year-round.

For those seeking to venture onto the water in Noosa, the process is both effortless and safe for vacationers, thanks to the abundance of boat hire services that grace Noosaville’s picturesque Gympie Terrace. Whether you’re interested in party pontoons or tinnies, a variety of options are available to transport you from the shore to a new perspective of the spectacular surroundings. Pack an esky (cooler), a BBQ picnic, a fishing rod, and a river map, or plan to anchor at a waterside park and savor some fresh, locally caught fish and chips. Regardless of your choice, anticipate a day filled with adventure and memories that will endure a lifetime.

Whether you opt for a half-day or full-day hire, all of the boat rental companies are committed to ensuring your safety and enjoyment. They’ll equip you with easy-to-follow instructions, insights into the day’s weather conditions, and suggestions for relishing the breathtaking scenery, observing the local wildlife, and appreciating the sparkling waters. You can even chart your course to discover your own secluded slice of Noosa paradise, where you can anchor for a private picnic with loved ones while children frolic on the shore, interacting with curious soldier crabs.”