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Australia Zoo – Home Of The Crocodile Hunter

A visit to the Sunshine Coast isn’t complete without immersing yourself in khaki-clad wildlife adventures and echoing ‘Crikey!’ Steve Irwin’s legacy thrives in the award-winning Australia Zoo near Beerwah, where ‘Crocs Rule’ and wildlife conservation blend with captivating shows. Covering over 1000 acres, this Zoo features remarkable Australian FRASER ISLAND ADVENTURE TOURS mammals, birds, reptiles, and even some African and Asian animals.

Don’t miss the thrilling Crocosseum shows, where you can watch crocodiles in action and pay tribute to Steve Irwin. You can also enjoy close encounters with Sumatran tigers, Meerkats, and more. With exhibits like the Sumatran Tiger Temple and the African Savannah, Australia Zoo offers a full day of wildlife excitement. Keep an eye out for Bob, Bindi, and Terri Irwin, who often roam the park. To get to Australia Zoo, it’s an easy one-hour drive from the Sunshine Coast or take a shuttle bus from Noosa Junction.”

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